Mr. Nolletti represented me in a divorce action recently. He is extremely knowledgeable in Divorce and Family law, has excellent communication skills and is tenacious without being obnoxious. He is very thorough and demands high quality of work from himself and his staff. My particular case went to trial and throughout the proceedings Mr. Nolletti was extremely well prepared, organized and knowledgeable. He is comfortable in the courtroom and knows the judges, clerks and other court personnel very well. He demanded that I generate detailed documentation in preparation for a possible trial which paid for itself many times over. All of the preparation that he required together with his abilities ended up in an outcome that was even better than I had anticipated. The ultimate compliment was when the opposing attorney’s friend needed a divorce lawyer; the opposing attorney recommended Mr. Nolletti! I guess it doesn’t get better than that! I highly recommend him with no reservations.