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Peace of mind and security; that’s what we offer our clients facing divorce, and who have a lot at stake. The dividing line between a divorce and a high-net-worth divorce is important because it typically marks the difference between the need for standard divorce representation and the need for expertise and care from lawyers experienced in handling complex financial issues.

At Nolletti Law Group, our team of top White Plains divorce lawyers has decades of divorce litigation and advocacy experience. We serve our clients with a well-defined purpose: to help them successfully navigate minefields, minimize their legal and financial risks, and protect the best interests of their children.

A Culture of Excellence

We have a culture of excellence which demands that we deliver exceptional work product and client services in the most efficient manner- with no room for mediocrity. Through intelligent planning and meticulous preparation, our successes are often won before stepping foot in a courtroom, and our courtroom expertise has helped us achieve results in numerous and notable cases.

Because our clients or their spouses are often successful business owners, executives, and professionals, whose finances are complex, we have assembled a network of experts. These vetted experts, which include business and asset valuators, forensic accountants, tax specialists, vocational experts and others, help us provide effective advocacy in complex financial matters in order to minimize our client’s financial risks. We help our clients with separation, divorce, custody, alimony, property division, and related tax issues in White Plains, New York.

At Nolletti Law Group, we use all resources available to provide our clients with the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing they are represented by an assertive, client-centered team of divorce professionals with substantial experience in complex matrimonial litigation involving significant assets.

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